Integrating Cultural Competence to Nursing Methods Essay

Integrating Cultural Competence to Nursing Methods Essay

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As a working nurse on an acute behavioral health unit, emergency department, case management, cultural awareness is crucial when treating a diverse population of patients. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health (OMH), cultural competence is, “is a set of behaviors, attitudes, and skills that enables nurses to work effectively in cross-cultural situations” (Garcia, 2007, p. 1). It is important for nurses to deliver culturally competent and appropriate care to patients due to the perpetually growing culture of diversity. My workplace is located in Orange, California. Demographically, the city is made up of 47 percent Caucasian, 38 percent Hispanic, 11 percent Asian/Pacific Islander, 1 percent Black, and 3 percent other races. I am an American-Filipino, born and raised in California, and identify with the 11 percent Asian/Pacific Islander group. It is necessary that working nurses have cultural awareness and the skills necessary to service patients of any race or ethnicity. We can do this by educating ourselves and being mindful of all different cultures.
A nurse can improve his or her direct patient care by integrating cultural competence into their method of care. The first step to developing cultural sensitivity is to examine and know oneself. One way of developing sensitivity is to assess, where one stands, in regards to culture. There are cultural assessment strategies for nurses and healthcare workers available. Campinha-Bacote, (2002) developed the Model of Cultural Competence, which is a series of questions that help to determine if a nurse is open to enhancing their cultural knowledge. Once determined if the desire is there, other assessments are be taken into consideration in...

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...problem that lead him to this hospitalization. A reevaluation after 21 days was ordered by the doctor to determine if the herbs were the contributing factor to the patients’ chest pain and shortness of breath due to tachycardia.
I feel as a nurse that I need more education to become more culturally competent. There are many routes that I can take to increase my knowledge and cultural awareness. If I had more worldly knowledge it would improve my awareness, strengthen my nursing skills, give me a more positive attitude. This, in turn, could change my behaviors and will improve my direct patient care in an acute setting. I remind myself each day to work as a non-judgmental nurse, free of biases and prejudices and to integrate research, knowledge, skill, flexibility, and creativity into my practice in order to deliver culturally appropriate and sensitive health care.

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