Integrating Art Into Early Childhood Education Essay

Integrating Art Into Early Childhood Education Essay

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Integrating the arts in early childhood education positively impacts a child’s developmental capacity to learn through different mediums in all subject areas. It also strengthens and enhances the teachers lessons to bring diverse opportunities for students with different aesthetics to effectively comprehend and develop their cognitive skills. According to many childhood theorists, such as Piaget and Vygotsky, art is an essential tool that is important for the development of a child’s motor, cognitive and social-emotional skills. In addition, many believe integrating art into a classroom will impact their learning outcome and enhance their creativity, imagination, self-esteem and thinking inclinations.

Art is the “expression and application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”(Oxford Dictionary, n.d) It is the creation of a physical masterpiece by a person that is displayed for all to recognize and to evoke a feeling from within. For example, art can be a painting in an art gallery or house, the construction of a building or a historical monument of a president, or just simply a picture hanging on the refrigerator from a child. Art is created by any and everyone. A baby’s footprints into a beautiful picture, a splatter paint by a teenager or an adult creating or recreating a piece from the heart. Art allows us to freely express our feelings, emotions, creativity and self-confidence. Art builds visual literacy, spatial relations and self-esteem, promotes print and symbols awareness and enhances verbal and visual creativity, and eye, hand and brain coordination. Furthermore...

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...s, art also helps the child’s hand-eye coordination. “As children decide how to make parts fit together into a whole, where to place objects, and what details to include, they learn to coordinate what they see with the movements of their hands and fingers.”(Berry & Fox, 2008)
Today, students need both knowledge and creativity to satisfy the comprehensive needs of today’s rapid change in society. (Brezovnik, 2015) Integrating the arts into all areas of the students academics has become extremely beneficial to their studies and their cognitive, motor and social-emotional development. Even though many schools have completely eliminated art from the curriculum, it is important for educators to find ways to integrate art into the curriculum. Incorporating art into the classroom is a very valuable experience and provides ample opportunities to enhance a child’s education.

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