Essay on The Integrated Marketing Communications ( Imc ) Strategy

Essay on The Integrated Marketing Communications ( Imc ) Strategy

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Typical advertising methods of television and radio ads no longer provide the same results as they did in the past, requiring businesses to analyze and make changes to their integrated marketing communications (IMC) strategy in order to stay relevant. Consumers, once forced to be passive message recipients and receive unfiltered messages are no longer being controlled by the content producers (Belch & Belch, 2015). Ad firms and the companies they work for have had to respond to changes in the market by using various marketing tools and a new approach to IMC to reach their target audiences. With the advances of digital media and nontraditional advertisement methods lead by Google, Facebook, Microsoft the need for adaptation has increased and lead to a very competitive marketing industry.
“IMC play an important role in the marketing programs of companies in their efforts to communicate with and sell their products and services to consumers” (Belch & Belch, 2015). With the extreme growth of mobile technologies and consumers having more control of the content they want to see marketers had to drop the old barriers that separated typical marketing and promotional functions from each other. Companies who did not make the change were “failing to recognize that they wide range of marketing and promotional tools must be coordinated to communicate effectively and present a consistent image to target market (Belch & Belch, 2015). The use of traditional advertising declined with a more community based approach using integrated marketing communications. New ad agencies were formed and old ones began using a variety of promotional tools to satisfy its customers, rather than relying primarily on media advertising. Google lead the way in digit...

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...night (Watkins, 2013).” The use of IMC is of the easiest ways for a firm to maximize the return on its marketing and promotion investment. (Belch & Belch, 2015) With traditional advertising methods still on a decline, business will look to continue to use of more narrowly targeted interest based advertising towards consumers.
The large technology firms who dominate an important part of the advertising industry will continue to be the dominating force of change to the IMC strategy. The continued proliferation of media fragmentation and constant changes to how consumers view advertising will require large firms to continue to spend millions on product advertisement and brand awareness campaigns. While the simplicity and ease of use online platforms allow for small business to create and implement targeted campaigns and get the most bang for their advertising dollar.

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