The Integrated Marketing Communication : Coca Cola Essay

The Integrated Marketing Communication : Coca Cola Essay

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Executive Summary
The Integrated Marketing Communication is certainly the best answer to the change caused by the development of the digital era. The touch points and the communication arrangements have increased in recent years. Therefore, a clear understanding of who the brand’s target audience is, where it is and how it can be reached, has become more than ever indispensable. The brand I will be working on in this project is Coca-Cola or simply Coke. With an IMC plan, I will be trying to improve the online presence of the brand.
Coca-Cola is considered as a leader in producing soft drink in the world. It stands in the position of the most popular soft drink with a tremendous number of consumers promoting its growth. As of today, Coca Cola is almost everywhere on the planet as it is being sold in over 200 countries. The beverages that are being provided by the company include sparkling beverages, juices, juice drinks, ready-to-drink teas and coffees. Its products are being consumed by more than 1.7 billion customers daily (, 2014).
Coke, Diet coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, Minute Maid, Simply, and Powerade are some of products made by Coca-Cola.
IMC Objectives
Integrated Marketing Communication is based on the knowledge of the target market to find the most coordinated use of various touch points with consumers. Because the need for integrated marketing communication has become very important with the development of the Internet in communication as this media has broken the traditional boundaries of the different marketing areas. Although the company already uses the advertising method, my focus in this paper will pretty much be how to improve Coca-Cola online presence.
Market Analysi...

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...soft drinks with promotional offers to attract the consumers across the world. One way of offering promotional packages is by providing reward offers or discount coupons. Another approach to use promotional offers is in the form of discounted price during special occasions. For example, during Ramadan, Coca Cola offers discount on the purchase of its soft drinks.
• Public Relations (PR)
Coca Cola also uses the marketing communication tool of event marketing by sponsoring sports events such as world cup, Olympics and social events such as concerts. By using this strategy they can target large audience in short time duration. Major sports events such as world cup and Olympics are viewed all over the world. It offers an excellent opportunity for effective marketing. T.V events such as American Idol have been used as a means of marketing communication tool for coke zero.

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