Integrated Delivery Systems Of Health Care Services Essay

Integrated Delivery Systems Of Health Care Services Essay

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Integrated Delivery Systems in Health Care
An integrated clinical network or commonly known as integrated delivery systems may be described as the combination of medical care service providers (e.g., surgeons, hospitals, healthcare centers, nursing centers and health care organizations) to provide coordinated primary health care, boost or extend the range of facilities, enlarge operational activity, and contend more effectively to sign managed care treaties (Barbazza, Langins, Kluge, & Tello, 2015). As a result of this connection, integrated delivery systems (IDSs) expect higher economies of scale, sustainable allocation to medical resources, improved competency to influence service provider behavior and hold greater negotiating power (Knoeri, Steinberger, & Roelich, 2016).
Components of Integrated Delivery Networks
Integration between service providers and organizations has conventionally been a generally desired, yet rarely attained, objective. It has taken on growing importance as health care facilities pursuing for larger investments to incorporate different systems aim at enhancing the hospital experience, medical outcomes, and clinical fiscal efficiency, as well as organize a facility for meaningful health care reforms (Barbazza, Langins, Kluge, & Tello, 2015). Health care organizations are restructuring the medical personnel structure to resolve the need for more organizational involvement, electronic medical groups, and the function of the health care physicians in a more relevant manner. They are also modernizing how they need to coordinate medical services more efficiently across the field of health care: critical, ambulatory, proficient nursing, and home care (De Vreese, Leys, Fontaine, & Dendoncker, 2016). Mor...

... middle of paper ... orientation can be observed at levels of the organization (Drazen & Kueber, 1998). Nevertheless, mutual decision-making is also essential to accomplish orientation. Because integrated delivery system requires, , collaboration among members, all entities must consider that they have an equal role in policymaking. They should all be provided with an opportunity to share their concerns and contribute dynamically in formulating solutions. Accountability and mutual policymaking are vital for the multidisciplinary environment (Gillies, Chenok, Shortell, Pawlson, & Wimbush, 2006). However, primary care surgeons hold main accountability for care delivery, as all hospital personnel are responsible for patient welfare and must also be given with the prospect to share their ideas about quality service. Effective leadership is also a dominant approach for incorporated care.

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