Integrated Delivery Systems ( Ids ) Essay

Integrated Delivery Systems ( Ids ) Essay

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Horizontal integration consists of expanding a service through buying the competence or joining them to create a stronger company that provides the same service. Vertical integration is when a company creates or manages its own providers or created or manages the distribution services. When we think, how a healthcare facility works, we can easily imagine the concept of a human body, going from head to the toes. In the same ways, healthcare facilities need a network of providers in almost every healthcare service. The way that organization deals with providers and distributors to assure the outcome of a service or a produce for a population, it is called integration and integrated organization is also called Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS). Integration main values consist in cost reduction of healthcare, improve quality and efficiency, patient-centered services and provide health benefits for the community.
MedStar Health is a vertically integrated not-for-profit organization with the best features of academic medicine, also including research and innovation with a comprehensive range of clinical service to advance patient care across Maryland and the Washington, D.C region. MedStar Health is one of the largest healthcare providers in Maryland and Washington, D.C, region, with 10 hospitals, the MedStar Health Research Institute, MedStar medical Group, and many other programs and services that are recognized regionally and nationally for excellence in medical care (MedStar, 2015). With over 30,000 associates and 4,700 affiliated physicians to support MedStar with providing the best quality of healthcare to their patients.
To emphasize, MedStar is a not-for-profit community –based hospitals with a estimated worth of $5 billion d...

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...sting Group, which is a family brand that ties together fully integrated specialty laboratories recognized for industry-leading expertise and the latest development in medical diagnostics (LabCorp, 2015).
In essence, both MedStar and LabCorp shared the same ultimate goals and mission and that is to provide the best quality of care and service to patients. Both services provide a great network of facilities and providers to further benefits the community through different network within the community. With LabCorp facilities within miles of each other, this allows patients in the community not to have to travel long distant to received service. With technology, patient is able to received testing result within 48 to 72 hours online, through the web portal patient pages. Ultimately this will delivers faster and accurate service for both patients and physician office.

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