The Integrated Circuit Using LM35 Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensing Method

The Integrated Circuit Using LM35 Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensing Method

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The control and monitor of accurate and reliable measurement of temperature is necessary in various fields such as industrial , environmental, agriculture , food, biotechnology and clinical sectors etc. furthermore, research labs, clean rooms, and nuclear reactors are the environments which require continuous temperature monitoring a due to their highly dependence on temperature levels. The role of sensors and the errors which may affect the measurement of temperature are critical for temperature measuring devices. The sensor choice may play a large role in on the cost effectiveness of the system. Every temperature measurement application is according to their different requirements and the effect of noise on the resolution is necessary to be considered. Noise issues and presence of errors are more critical from design point of view and selection of type of sensors.
Different ways of measurement of temperature are available such as resistance temperature detectors, integrated circuit sensors, infrared sensors, liquid n gas thermometers, gas thermometers, thermocouples, thermostats, thermostat etc. In this report the integrated circuit using LM35 temperature sensor temperature sensing method is described due to important advantage over other sensor types such as low cost, high accuracy, linear output signal, small size, calibration, reliability, and low power consumption.
Literature review:

Types of Temperature sensors:
The most commonly used type of temperature sensors detects heat or temperature. These types of temperature sensors vary from simple thermostat devices, which are used to control the domestic water heating system, to highly sensitive semiconductor types which are used to monitor and control the compl...

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...genic regions.
They are liquid expansion devices for temperature measurement. Liquid may be mercury or alcohol. Expansion coefficient of alcohol is more. Mercury device has certain limitations for safely transportation and shipping. Mercury is considered as environmental contaminant, so breakage of thermometer is hazardous.

Infrared sensors:
Infrared sensors are non-contacting type of sensors. For example, if we hold up a typical infrared sensor to the front of our desk without contact, sensor will tell us the temperature of desk due to its radiation... in non-contacting measurement of ice water, it will measure slightly lower the expected temperature reading [2].


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