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Intake This Man By Brando Skyhorse Essay

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InTake this Man, written by Brando Skyhorse, Brando portrays himself as a child who is in an awful environment where a berserk mother raised him. After being told that his biological father abandoned him, Brando was emulating his other father figures that unexpectedly came in his life because he was seeking a role model for admiration. Eventually, readers discover that these “fathers” were lacking the beneficial characteristics of what a father should provide to his offspring. However, most readers would acknowledge that Frank was the best father that came in Brando’s life. Throughout the story, we identify that Frank attempts to guide Brando when he hits his lowest points and commits to assisting Brando even though Maria prevented Frank from being involved with Brando. This demonstrates how Frank possesses some favorable qualities of a father.
Some may beg to differ and argue that Rudy was the best father in Brando’s life because he was able to provide money to continue paying for Brando’s tuition when Brando was desperate for alternatives. Even Maria said to Brando, “You’re just taking money out of the house. Rudy and I are supporting you at school, and you have not called him ‘Dad’ once.”. However, this is a misconception, which might convince how some may conclude that Rudy was the best father out of the five. The only beneficial quality that Rudy possessed was how he was a great financial provider. Although Rudy had one of the great qualities of a father, it does not signify that he is an adequate father. Also, when Brando and Maria engaged in an intensifying argument, Rudy ignored the situation so he could avoid the trouble of being involved in a fierce conflict. According to this quote, “Rudy sat motionless at the dining ta...

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...f the five because the others lack some characteristics that Frank holds. It is clear all Frank’s effort did not go to waste as Brando persevered through the criticism and hardships in his environment. Brando succeeded and became a Stanford undergraduate student. It is clear that Frank played a fundamental role in Brando’s life. This legitimizes what we need to prioritize. We can relate Brando’s memoir with our modern society. Reflecting upon Brando’s experiences with his fathers, readers recognize that it is necessary that fathers need to play a significant role in their children’s life because children need to be taught to take responsibility in the future. However, because of how children are dependent and need to be guided, fathers will endeavor many obstacles. We should care because they will be the future leaders and responsible for any actions taken.

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