Insurance Coverage : Health Care Coverage Essay examples

Insurance Coverage : Health Care Coverage Essay examples

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In California, 53% of individuals get their coverage through employer-based insurance or individual market plans. 37% are covered by public plans, such as, Medicaid (known as Medi-Cal in California) or Medicare, while 10% are uninsured (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation 2014). Insurance coverage is complex and quite overwhelming to most individuals. Coverage can vary depending on the individuals current age, employment status, whether they are in college, and income levels.
Furthermore, seniors age 65 and older have the choice of Medicare, Part A and Part B, Part C-Medicare Advantage. If that Senior also quantifies for Medi-Cal, they may have Medicare as their Primary insurance, and Medi-Cal as their secondary insurance. If a senior over 65 are still working they may continue to have employer –based coverage until they retire with Medicare as the secondary insurance. Children younger then 18 are usually covered by their parent’s employer based insurance, unless the parents rely on state and federal insurance or Covered California plans. Medi-Cal is a state funded insurance that will cover children under 18 years of age. Low-income families with at least one child, whose family is below 133% of Federal Poverty Level would covered by state funded Medi-Cal, and depending on the income of the family, there may be a share of cost to the parent. Also, self-employed individuals need to find individual plans to cover them. These can be some of the highest costing plans as there are no group discounted rates. Individuals who are self-employed may qualify for Cover California plans as well. Small businesses in the past have had to pay a premium for health insurance plans because they did not have the b...

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...of medial bills. Medi-Cal programs do require individuals who make more then then 133% of FPL to pay a share of cost, and this is dependent on the individual’s income. Self-employed, unemployed, part-time/seasonal and college students would need to pay a portion to their insurance premiums, unless they qualified for Medi-Cal, or CHIP programs requirements. In conclusion, there are many options for individuals to obtain health insurance coverage whether they are self-employed, work for a small or large company, have a seasonal or temporary job, unemployed or a college student in California. The Affordable Care Act and the Covered California plans have improved access to health insurance to those who may not have been able to afford it. Although our health care in the United States is quite complicated, more individuals have coverage options then ever before.

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