Essay about Instruction Analysis : The Pedagogical Partnerships

Essay about Instruction Analysis : The Pedagogical Partnerships

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Instruction Analysis
Thinking and reflecting about the instruction at our school district, we have a few different types of instruction, which is very significant to student learning. These practices include communication, working together/team effort, (ability to create interesting new things), and critical thinking. We currently do not have an organized and listed instructional model, but we do have a few instructional practices that I already mentioned that our school district has put into practice. An instructional model that Fullan and Quinn (2006) mentioned is the Pedagogical Partnerships, which our school district has implemented, but not entirely.
The Pedagogical Partnerships that Fullan and Quinn (2016) states, “The first strand recognizes that teachers must possess deep expertise in instructional and assessment practices if they are to maximize the impact and use of digital to accelerate learning” (p. 90). This model also communicates that these new pedagogies build on the foundation of proven (teacher and teaching-related) practices but combine and join them with newly appearing new and interesting practices that (help) develop the creation and use of new ideas and knowledge in real life. Also, teachers must sharpen/improve a deep knowledge of the learning process and repertoire of (success plans/ways of reaching goals) if they are to use digital as a (device that speeds something up). The magic is not in the device but in the equipment (that holds things up in the air) of experiences and challenges finely tuned to the needs and interests of students and (made as big as possible) through relevance, authenticity, and real-world connections.
Thinking about the challenges that will be faced when trying to imple...

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...eas and solutions, leadership for action. This is a practice that can be a little more challenging to put into use because it needs/demands the student to think and create new ideas and explanations. It does give the students the ability to be (showing the ability to create interesting new things) in their thinking.
The final instructional practice our school district practices is critical thinking. Fullan and Quinn (2016) expressed a great thought about shallow learning, which relates to critical thinking, “Deeper learning is the ability to understand concepts, think critically, solve problems, and apply inquiry, problem-based learning, and knowledge production approaches” (p. 92). A challenge that Fullan and Quinn expressed is, “Not only are these strategies underutilized but they are often not used appropriately and fail to get the results they could” (p. 92).

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