Institutional Racism Against Black People Essay examples

Institutional Racism Against Black People Essay examples

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I have been aware of institutional racism against black people for a very long time. I have taken criminal justice classes and juvenile delinquency classes in the past; the disproportion of arrest, convictions, and sentences was discussed. I know about the mortgages, the housing, syphilis, and other terrible things this country has done to black people. The combination of my personal experience and my knowledge may be perceived, as it has been in the past, as denial of the impact of racism. I feel that underplaying other aspects, down playing the experiences of white people, and ignoring the poor white people, is actually hurtful to the overall conversation. I am of the opinion that it gives actual racist and those that reject change my story to support their ideology. That being said, I will fit as much as I can into four pages.
I have personal experiences with people of different races and ethnicities, positive, indifferent, and negative. In my experience it is very common that a person of another race will bring my race into the equation if I get into a verbal disagreement. This happened so often that most of the time it just rolled off my back if someone called me a white derogatory term. It was and is unacceptable to call me a cracker, honkey, white trash, or to be threatened with physical violence when being called racial slurs or a white derogatory term. It seems that some people, not an entire group of people, feel that I am white and they can say whatever they want to me.
I have been offended a couple times by colleagues in this program. In one of my classes the fact that I was explaining that when a cop pulls his gun he is not aiming for a person’s arm, he is aiming for center mass, when a cop shoots his gun he is usi...

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...ople are intentionally pinned against each other. It is to keep the rich rich and everyone else in their class or lower. It is also to distract us from what the government is doing that is holding us all down. United we would be too powerful of a voice to ignore.
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