Institutional Analysis : Canadian Employment Insurance Commission Essay

Institutional Analysis : Canadian Employment Insurance Commission Essay

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Institutional Analysis Paper

Canadian Employment Insurance Commission

Shane Calderwood

SDS 231R Social Policy

October 20, 2015

Description of the Organization
The Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC) is an organization in Canada that plays a major role in the implementation of social policy regarding Employment Insurance. The organization is responsible for many important factors that shape and mould Canadian governmental policy regarding Employment Insurance. (Canada Employment Insurance Commission (CEIC). (2015). Employment Insurance in Canada is financial assistance for those who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Some of the people that may be eligible include: People who are sick, pregnant or caring for a new born child. People injured on the job also are eligible for employment insurance. (Hick, S. (2013). Unemployment is often referred to as people who are eligible and able to work and are actively seeking employment.
Unemployment was introduced in Canada during the 1940. The commission was formed about 75 years ago, as an administrative governing body that would overlook the implementation of formally known Unemployment Insurance Program.
Source of Authority
The Commissions authority derives directly from the Employment Insurance act. The commissions authority entitles them to recommend to parliament qualification standards for the Employment Insurance Program this may include eligibility to the amount of benefits one may receive. (Current Publications: Employment and labour. (2012). The commission acts as a governing body which, upholds legislation in regards to Employment Insurance. The also have the authority to directly affect various policy changes...

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