Institutes and Strategies, Formal Structures Essay

Institutes and Strategies, Formal Structures Essay

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Institutes and Strategies, Formal Structures

Institutes and Strategies in relation to the intergovernmental landscape, is an immense topic worthy that exceeds the confines of this paper. However some of the aspects of institutes and strategies will be discussed in this essay as a means to paint a basic landscape. First Nations assert that residential Health Canada responsibilities exist for First Nations which for the most part are addressed through Self Government Agreements, (SGA). SGA’s are considered modern day treaties and provided clauses for First Nations access to federal health programming for a non self-governing. Further funding can be acquired through Contribution Agreements (CA). CA refers to federal government financing of agreed on territorial services.
Health Canada (HC) restrictions of territorial First Nations to reserve programs are based on policy not to fund programs considered to have been transferred to the territorial governments. “First nations on Reserve” When examining new program eligibility Health Canada uses status residents only to determine population data.
Territorial Formula Funding (TFF) transfers to the territories have tended to have larger annual increases than that seen with the First Nations and Intuit Health Branch (FNIHB). TFF and FNIHB expenditure increases have been larger than Program and Service Transfer Agreements (PSTA) funding mechanisms provided for self government and Fist Nations.
Furthermore inconsistencies in funding aggravate health care service problems. As a result of limited resources and transportation expenses are high, which is often an unrecognized aspect. Additional allocations used by Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) for Aboriginal Head Start program (...

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...l understanding and linguistic compatibility presents a serious problem. Non-Inuit practitioners are often perceived for being distant and from another culture, language and economy leading to an ineffectual and productive outcome.
An example of the affects of intergovernmental relations on health care can be seen through the issues of the homelessness. Nunavut’s approach regarding homelessness is that of administrative change. Instead of focusing on overcrowding and homelessness the Department of Health and Social services provides counselling and respite service. This approach is premised on associated determents of homelessness such as, emotional and psychical challenges. Addiction, violence, homelessness, criminal behaviour and parenting skills are addressed through counselling instead of investing on resolving issues such as limited housing and unemployment.

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