Installing Wordpress More Than Once On Your Hosting Account Essay

Installing Wordpress More Than Once On Your Hosting Account Essay

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How To Install WordPress More Than Once on Your Hosting Account
WordPress is one the most popular open source content publishing platform used by many blogging and business websites all over the word. It’s not only simple to use with plugin stability and autonomy, but also comes with multisite option with the ability to host more than one WordPress on the same account.
While beginners may need only one WordPress account to get their online business running quickly and easily, some may find it necessary to install WordPress more than once in their hosting account. This is where the multisite feature comes in to help you create and host multiple sites on the same server without the need to purchase extra webhosting services.
Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to setup multiple wordpress sites and CMS sites in your hosting account:
1. Choosing a web hosting plan
There are different webhosting plans available in the market. Choosing the right webhosting plan is essential in determine the success or otherwise of your online business. Know you hosting needs. While a shared ho...

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