Installing A Custom Rom On The Samsung Galaxy Essay

Installing A Custom Rom On The Samsung Galaxy Essay

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Installing a custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 device is a great idea for many reasons. Those reasons are subject to change depending on the person installing the ROM. One reason that most Samsung users will agree on, though, is removing the Samsung stock apps that are doing little more than acting like bloatware on your operating system.

You should find that many of the custom ROMs found on the list below will debloat your new ROM and not come with most of those Samsung applications you could do without. You also get the amazing stability and sureness of CyanogenMod custom ROM if you choose to go in that direction. Another reason for installing a custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 device is extending the life of your device. When we say extending the life,we are talking about software updates. You see, most smartphones physically outlive their software updates, so you are left with a working device that is no longer supported with newer versions of the Android operating system. That doesn 't make much sense, apart from when your phone carrier networks and manufacturers want to force you into buying a new device. You can skip having to buy a new device if you don 't want to pay for it by installing a custom ROM that is based on newer firmware. many of those ROMs are also quality ROMs. For example, you might be lucky enough to find a CyanogenMod custom ROM made for your device that is based on newer version of Android.

Files You Need

You must root the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 device if you want to install a custom ROM on the device.

You must install a custom recovery on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 if you want to install a custom ROM zip file on the device.

MoleculeROM V0.2:

The MoleculeROM is basically the Galax...

... middle of paper ...

...ooted with SuperSU, installed with latest busy box, odexed for better apps stability, Knox removed, Samsung apps removed to save some space for more apps, dpi settings, Touch Wiz UI, stock kernel, more stable than any other ROM.

Download Clean ROM

CyanogenMod 13 ROM:

Who doesn 't know about CyanogenMod custom ROMs? It 's not wrong if we call it the father of custom ROMs because the CyanogenMod ROM is the first custom ROM which opens the new universe of tweaking Android 's performance and UI. Well, it 's your time to experience this super custom ROM on your device.

Features: Android 6.0 Marshmallow based, app side bar, app circle bar, PIE control, smart call, notification ticker, notification count, smart mute, IP call, gesture lock screen, proximity speaker (starts speaker phone when you move your phone away from your ear during call).

Download CyanogenMod 13 ROM

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