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Authors are remembered not only for their contributions to literature, but also for their distinct writing styles. Flannery O’Connor’s cynical and grotesque style with an emphasis on morality distinguishes her as a great American author. The unique combination of characteristics found in her writing is explored in O’Connor’s collection of short stories called “A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories.” Flannery O’Connor’s Catholic upbringing in the South, adolescent tragedy, education, and personal illness influenced her to write the collection of short stories, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories.”
Flannery O’Connor’s Catholic upbringing instilled within her a passion for faith and moral code, which influenced her writing. Born March 25, 1925 to a long line of Catholics, Flannery O’Connor’s faith was integral to her. Flannery O’Connor was the result of a marriage between Regine Cline and Edwin Francis O’Connor, members of two of Georgia’s oldest Catholic families. As an only child, she absorbed the constant flow of information exchanged by her relatives. This began her interest with what she wittily referred to as the soul’s struggle with the “stinking mad shadow of Jesus.” Flannery O’Connor’s childhood exposure to Catholicism influenced her to explore religious themes in her work “A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories.” (Gordon)
In addition to religion, Flannery O’Connor’s childhood exposed her to many of society’s difficulties that she later reflected on in her written work. Growing up in the South, Flannery O’Connor witnessed racial tensions, and a constant battle between the liberal North and conservative South. O’Connor addressed issues regarding race in the short story “The Artif...

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... and Other Stories.” This collection exemplifies her unique style of writing of cynical comedy combined with religious themes. Flannery O’Connor, like many great American authors, drew from what she knew best, her own life, to create entertaining and enduring stories.

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