Essay on The Inspirations From The Past

Essay on The Inspirations From The Past

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The inspirations from the past has led to great works of art and architecture. When the United States of America were building Washington D.C architects and designers sought inspiration from ancient greece and rome because their ideologies represented harmony, order, and freedom. Ancient rome passed down the artistic, philosophical, and spiritual legacy. One of its significant influence was on religion, reforming the future of western culture through christianity. Christianity was declared the official religion of the Roman Empire by Emperor Constantine. Another major influence from Rome are the architecture and designs helped influence the work of many famous monument and architecture.
Trajan 's Column represents the Trajan 's victory over the Dacians. The column illustrates the force that required to keep the peace. The illustration on the spiral frieze describe the steps that the Trajan’s took in order to achieve their goals which was both brutal and remorseless. The Roman made the column and stored piece of their history by engraving them into the column. It shows the appreciatio...

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