The Inspirational Story Of A Big Mouth Essay

The Inspirational Story Of A Big Mouth Essay

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The Inspirational Story of a Big Mouth
Imagine yourself waking up one morning from a good night of rest and upon awaking you realize something has changed drastically, you’ve forever have lost your special voice. This occurrence isn’t due to you over exerting your vocal cords or your body facing the sickness of laryngitis, it’s due to a set of society standards. The voice that symbolizes you as an individual and allows you to properly communicate with others is lost and misplaced forever. In the Play of “¡Bocón!”, we’ve seen this take place numerous amounts of times with the set’s characters. The importance of individual’s voice is a crucial factor in one’s life. We all have to properly use our voices to express our messages in any given situation to enrich our lives. Therefore, we will first lay the foundation describing a brief summary of the play, then take apart the importance the play has to a specific current event in our culture, and finally discuss what the play is trying to communicate to our society.
To begin, we will learn about background knowledge in the play ¡Bocón!. The play was written by Lisa Loomer. She took a cast of 6 actors and created short fable play that combines a mixture of humor and singing that creates great entertainment and interaction for the audience. The story is about a young boy named Miguel who lives in a village with his mother and father, located in Central America. Our main character is a very outgoing child which is considered to have a “big mouth”, expressed to constantly by the other characters in the play. The area Miguel lives in, there is a fear of the military. The soldiers are famously known for stealing villagers who are never to be seen again. During a scene early in the play both...

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...It 's in the plaza and in the fields! It 's in the Big Head of the Rich Man. It 's in the arms of the Poor Man, Papa! And he 's putting down his machete, and he 's telling the Soldier, "No Mas!" "No More!"” The story of Miguel and his journey will come to influence others to act upon his behalf. One by one, people will become knowledgeable of what fears he had to overcame when the odds were stacked against him. The current issue of immigration that is brought up to our generation can be a great stepping stone for what the future can bring to America. If we combine all our voices and make a stand for the good of everyone we can create a solution for the problems of millions. The next time you feel your voice is too small to be heard, be reminded of the young Miguel in the play ¡Bocón!, and face you’re fears and gather the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

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