Inspiration High School Football Team in Remember the Titans Essay

Inspiration High School Football Team in Remember the Titans Essay

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“Remember the Titans” is an inspiring story about racial harmony within a high school football team in the seventies teaching us to respect each other for what we are and not how we look. This wonderful movie is based on the true story of an African American football coach, Herman Boone, hired by a Virginia high school in 1971 to replace couch Bill Yoast. Neither man is happy with the situation, but couch Bill Yoast agrees to work as coach Boone’s assistant. Gerry Bertier who is the captain of the team doesn’t want black players on the team and other team members are also struggling with getting used to the new black players. They don’t only have to get use to one another but the community is working against them as well, which makes the situation worse. (IMDB, 2000)
Gregory Allen Howard the writer of the script has done an fantastic job with writing this movie. Boaz Yakin is the director of this movie, he has won and has been nominated many rewards. He was very smart about picking Denzel Hayes Washington as one of his actors to play the role of couch Boone. I wasn’t surprised by how amazingly he handled his role since he has been nominated for many awards himself, here are only a few examples;
He has won Oscar Academy Awards, category Best Actor in a Leading Role for Training Day (2002), Got nomination for Oscar category Best Actor in a Leading Role for Malcolm X (1990), Won Oscar category Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Glory
African-American Film Critics Association Awards (2012) and Won AAFCA Award
category Best Actor for Flight.(Aceshowbiz, 2014) Another one of his actors was Will Paton who was playing the role of coach Bill Yoast. He has been nominated as the Best Supporting Actor in the movie “The Postman” (1998) and ...

... middle of paper ... not happen until after the games. Other than this there were only a few changes which were not that important. (IMDB, 2000)
Remember the Titans takes us on a emotional roller coaster that will seize ourhearts. The characters capture the audience in this magical motion picture by respecting each other for who they are. As we watch, we see all of the actors put all of their emotion into a movie that we can see is meaningful to them. Keeping in mind that this movie is based on a true story, we look to the cast to make a connection to us. Denzel Washington does a tremendous job of this by always staying in character. So yes i would recommend you to watch this movie, this movie can really change a person if they let it. When we see this moving film don’t only see a screen but we see actors that really care and portray a film that also has meaning to them. (IMDB, 2000)

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