Insight into the American Revolution in the Glorious Cause by Jeff Shaara

Insight into the American Revolution in the Glorious Cause by Jeff Shaara

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This novel, “The Glorious Cause”, a reader is given a lot of insight on the American Revolution which involved a number of battles during the 16th century. Each important individual in the novel basically had their own chapter about how the experience in the American Revolution was and what was going on during that time. Each of the chapters were telling it from people such as George Washington or even Charles Cornwallis and getting their point of views or the war. It is believed that Jeff Shaara, the author of this novel, was trying to not only inform readers of the American Revolution but to give them insight on problems were dealt with and solved against different countries.
One individual the most would be George Washington who is the Commander in Chief in during the Army. Washington position is to help lead all of the soldiers to victory in every battle they are in and keep them focused. The quote “Go! Bring them up!” from the novel that led Commander Washington to think about his wounded army men and try to stay strong the battles. It seems that he believes in his army no matt...

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