The Insider is a Creative and Compelling Film Essay

The Insider is a Creative and Compelling Film Essay

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MOVIE REVIEW OF ‘THE INSIDER” The Insider is a compelling and provocative drama, which is a very thrilling tale of what happens when a person is bound by the moral and rational appeals and responsibilities or what we would otherwise be calling deontology. It is very close to the human values and seems very practical in approach. The way the plot builds up truly reflects upon the work of the director and the various actors. It is a true masterpiece and probably one of the best works ever produced by Michael Mann who has other smash hits like “Heat” to his acclaimed credit. Too bad that he was not able to win many Oscars for his masterpiece although he did win a few nominations. But he sure did win the hearts of many viewers worldwide. What makes it all the more interesting that it seems so real that the viewers is kept wondering at times whether it is really a movie or some inspired story where names and figures have been changed. So much so that one is made to think about the complexities in life and a common man can relate to it. It is all about the drives for power, lust and greed and how one has to think about protecting oneself and the family. On one hand we have people who are trying to build a career and to make repute for themselves. On the other hand we have people who have lost their careers and are trying to re-make their careers and are having a start over all again. Eitherway the story is so compelling about the struggles that a well-t-do man might be forced to go through and the efforts that would have to be made in order to get somewhere. Story’s theme line revolves around the tobacco industry, which is prominent in US and dominates worldwide in terms of sales, power and earnings. The characters explore and look ...

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...the movie and this entire compelling drama is Wallace, played by Pacino. Who is he? What does he have to gain? Yes it was his ego at stake too and he had to complete the task that he had taken upon himself. But moreover he was dedicated to the field of revealing the best and for the better good of the people and that is exactly what he ends up producing. Human values and lifestyles are all at stake throughout the movie. Had it not been for these values it would not have been so beautiful. But it does not get any more rationale or any closer to reality than any of this. This is what makes the movie a must see and shows the human values from a very different perspective and puts things into a new perspective altogether. The principles of honor, loyalty, and deontology could not have been emphasized anymore in this case. References Insider, the movie @

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