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I found the video “Inside the Womb” to be a really great documentary on the journey of conception to birth. Being a mother, and currently expecting another, I am very familiar with fetal development, but I found this video to be extremely informative and especially great for those who haven’t experienced it first hand or know much about it. What I find truly amazing is just how much crucial development the fetus will undergo during the embryonic period, which is within the first eight weeks of pregnancy. Some women may not even realize that they are pregnant until around that time. Especially if they find themselves in a situation where the pregnancy was unplanned. This shows why it is a good idea to prepare for a pregnancy ahead of time. It is extremely important for a woman to get herself healthy before she even becomes pregnant, and is aware of possible threats to the developing fetus that she may come in to contact with in the early weeks of her pregnancy. Threats in early pregnancy would be caused by teratogens. “A teratogen is any agent that can potentially cause a birth defect or negatively alter cognitive and behavioral outcomes.”(Santrock, pg. 79) Examples of teratogens that come to mind would be alcohol. Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is known to cause Fetal Alcohol syndrome which can cause the child to have facial structure abnormalities, deformities in organs like the hearts, and can cause a wide range of learning disabilities. Nicotine is another teratogen a fetus may become exposed to. Smoking during pregnancy is linked low birth weight, pre term labor, and also mothers who smoke increase their child’s risk of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. There are also risks in certain foods. Some foods pose a threat to...

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...her thing to consider is level of stress that these women may be under during the time of their pregnancy. Stress of the mother has been linked to several genetic abnormalities as well. Researchers believe that the stress is also felt by the fetus, and chemical changes in the mother’s body that are produced by stress can alter the fetus’ development. These factors of course are not limited to women living at the poverty level, although they are at a higher risk than those who are not.
Fetal development and birth are true miracles. I really enjoy learning about every stage from a biological and physiological perspective. I think that when it is really thought about, what a human body can do and produce in nine short months is one of the greatest phenomenons. There are so many crucial stages of development, which is why it is necessary to treat a pregnancy delicately.

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