Inside The Story Of A Navy Seal Essay

Inside The Story Of A Navy Seal Essay

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Inside the Story of a Navy SEAL
American Sniper is a heart-wrenching piece about a man who was willing to sacrifice his life for his country. Written primarily by Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper in American history, this memoir is interspersed with revealing excerpts told by his wife, Taya. This literary device, known as “change in narrator,” distinguishes his work from others’. Kyle demonstrates his style through his use of change in narrator; this provides greater emotional context, examines different perspectives, and enhances reader understanding.
First and foremost, the periodic change in narrator serves to deepen the emotional context around which this memoir was written. This memoir is written primarily by Chris Kyle, but change in narrator occurs when excerpts written directly by his wife are included in the text. Kyle’s words are often dry and cynical, while Taya writes with eloquence and emotion. For example, when discussing how he met his wife, Kyle uses an expository mode of discourse; he gives a straightforward recount of the events leading up to their connection. Taya, on the other hand, relays lengthy, vivid descriptions of the mood, atmosphere, emotions, and thoughts during the events that brought her and her husband together. Taya says, “What was intriguing was how he responded. He didn’t smirk or get clever or even act offended. He seemed truly…puzzled” (Kyle 49). Kyle’s telling of the story, on the other hand, simply relayed the order of events. The memoir’s use of change in narrator allowed the reader to get a glimpse into the emotional depth of the situations since the main narrator often glosses over emotional moments.
Taya’s words often bring about an emotional context that was likely dif...

... middle of paper ... were doing while their dad was away and how she coped with his deployment. Kyle would not have been able to write about the events that occurred during his absence, and the use of change in narrator enhances reader understanding of the entirety of the situation. Without this stylistic choice, the reader would not have the means to understand what was happening at home while Kyle was overseas.
American Sniper is an emotional recollection of a successful Navy SEAL’s past. Utilizing the literary device “change in narrator,” Chris Kyle provides greater emotional context, examines the same ideas from a different perspective, and enhances reader understanding of the work. American Sniper has it all: love, loss, humor, and emotion. Among the plethora of literary devices in use, change in narrator is one of the most significant aspects of Kyle’s style as an author.

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