Essay on Inside Out : Social Psychological Views

Essay on Inside Out : Social Psychological Views

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Inside out: Social Psychological views
While the Pixar film “Inside Out” is an adorably animated children’s movie, it also speaks to the adult generation and is a brilliant way to introduce psychological ideals and mental illnesses to both children and adults in a fun, innovative way. When the movie is viewed for the first time, it seems like a fun cartoon that explains emotions to kids, but after several viewings, you become more connected with the characters and really begin to understand the human body and emotions on a whole new level. We learn that we cannot just live with one emotion, and happiness is not always the most achievable. Told from a 3rd person point of view, we live the life of Riley through the eyes of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and disgust. When joy is out of the equation, we are introduced to a world of psychological goodies that can be discussed in depth.
The first concept from the book that I immediately thought of after watching this movie was chapter 4, Behavior and Attitudes. The movie, as a whole, is all about behavior and attitude. Our main character, Rylie, is seen as a “happy girl” by her parents. But when Joy is shut out of her emotional headquarters, Rylie turns into a girl run by Fear, Disgust and Danger, a huge attitude shifter for a once “happy girl.” Her attitude changes and begins to lash out at her parents and others around her. She finds herself eating alone, and unable to participate in activities that she once loved, like hockey. The textbook states that our attitude predicts our behavior, and goes on to say, “the reason why our behavior and our expressed attitudes differ is that both are subject to other influences. Now in this case, Rylie’s behaviors are being controlled by fuzzy littl...

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...ite the crazy emotional rollercoaster that this film takes Rylie, as well as the viewers, on.
All in all, this movie is a great depiction of Social Psychology in the real world. It shows that psychological phenomenon’s can be present in almost everything, even something as simple as a children’s movie. Inside out features parts of the brain in a visually creative way that when you think about it, you can pick out; grey matter, the neurons and dendrites, even some of the gears are shaped like parts of the brain. This film acts as a great introduction to the human brain for children and adults of all ages, and everyone could really learn more about their own mind by watching this movie. It proves that our behavior and attitude can be influenced by many outside phenomenon’s, as well as our own thoughts, and that happiness and joy cannot be achievable without sadness.

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