Essay on Inside Out : Movie Analysis

Essay on Inside Out : Movie Analysis

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“Inside Out”
After watching the Pixar film “Inside Out”, it is easy to see how this film relates to small group communication. This film focuses on a twelve year old girl name Riley and how the emotions in her brain work throughout everyday experiences. The emotions Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust work inside headquarters of Riley’s brain, that is until Joy and Sadness accidentally wind up far from headquarters into long-term memory. I will be analyzing this film using concepts from the textbook such as group communication, group development, group membership, and diversity in groups.
The first chapter of “Working in Groups” focuses on group communication, the first aspect being the key elements of group communication (Engleberg and Wynn 4-6). These key elements being members, goals, interaction, interdependence, and working. For starters a small group must consist of three or more members, with headquarters consisting of five emotions they meet that requirement. The characters in headquarters also use interaction, being that they communicate verbally and nonverbally through facial expressions. All of the emotions in the film are interdependent because they are all effected by the actions of the other emotions in the group. For example when Joy and Sadness were arguing over core memories and they slipped into the tube that connects to long-term memory, all of the other members were now left to control Riley by themselves (Docter and del Carmen). As for working and goals all of the emotions share the task of controlling Riley’s emotion, yet in the beginning they didn’t really share a common goal it seemed as if they were fighting for each of their own time to control. That leads into the advantages and disadvantages of the...

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...(Engleberg and Wynn 78-80). The film also included stereotypes such as the cool girl at school, the gender roles, and the representation of the emotions. The gender roles varying from the way the male emotions, Anger and Fear, were dressed and the overall way they acted to the female characters, Joy, Sadness, and Disgust, seeming more caring and nurturing.
In conclusion the film “Inside Out” contains many aspects from module one of small group communication. From the group communication, the key elements, interaction, and interdependence of each of the emotions/characters. The group development throughout the movie, the development stages forming, storming, norming, and performing. Group membership their interpersonal needs and group roles. Last but not least the diversity in the characters, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the gender roles throughout the movie.

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