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Inside Facts of Inside the Body Essay

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The body works in amazing ways, like a fine tuned machine. All organ systems within the body depend on one another for survival in some way or form at all times. Cherif et al., (2010) state, the body depends on the precise action of each organ to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health of a human being. Also, homeostasis, the regulatory of body temperature plays a survival role in maintain body functions. The integumentary system (skin) is the largest and the most important part of the body. The skin is just one of the organ systems that will be discussed in this paper. Bodies depend on the functions of the organ systems, homeostasis, and the most important organ system, the skin in order to perform specific duties at specific times.
Some of the organ systems of the body are the integumentary system, skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, senses, and endocrine system. The integumentary system (skin) covers approximately 15% of the body and can weigh as much as 20lbs (Thibodeau & Patton, 2008). The main purpose of skin is protection from infection, harmful rays of the sun, and cuts. The organs found in the integumentary system are the skin, hair, nails, sense receptors, sweat glands, and oil glands. The skeletal system is main up of a total of 206 bones, 80 bones in our axial skeleton which is the trunk and head, and 126 bones in the appendicular skeleton which is the upper and lower extremities and pelvis area. The main duties of the skeletal system is to support the body structure, to protect the organs, aids muscles in movement, stores calcium, and hematopoiesis which are the process of formation of blood cell (Thibodeau & Patton, 2008). The organs found in the skeletal system are bones and joints. ...

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...ucture and the survival role they play in homeostasis is completely understood. Without the exact functions of the body life would not exist.

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