Essay on Insanity, By Edgar Allen Poe

Essay on Insanity, By Edgar Allen Poe

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Insanity is a rare disorder but is a disorder that makes normal people do “weird things”. Author Edgar Allen Poe writes about are narrator who is commits the perfect murder by staring at the victim every night, he then hides the body but guilt drives him crazy and he turns himself in. The narrator in the telltale heart is most definitely insane, because he is delusional, cocky and the actions that he does within the story prove that he is insane.
The narrator in The Telltale Heart is delusional in the sense that in the being he beings the story with “ …very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?” (Poe 303) The narrator here is trying to show how he is not crazy or mad and that just because he’s nervous does not mean he’s mad. Towards the end of the story our Narrator again explains how is not “mad” by telling us that he committing the perfect murder. “ If you still think me mad, you will think so no longer when I describe the wise precautions I took for the concealment of the body.” (Poe 305) The Narrator describes how he worked very fast but silently, he speaks about how he dismembered the body and placed them under the floorboards. He then tells us that he made sure the blood drained into a pail as not to get it on the floor and that the floor boards where but exactly back in the same place as they had been taken out. The other reason the author appears delusional is he hearts the heartbeat of the dead man underneath the floorboards. During the ending of this story The Telltale Heart, our narrator is talking to the police about what had happened last night. He appears very calm and professional but eventually guilt gets the better of our dear narrator and he starts to hear a sound from under t...

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...the man to fall asleep then watches him. Every night leading up the murder the narrator sneaks into the room and ever so slowly sneaks his head into the room and stares at the man for hours on end. This is very creepy and displays characteristics of a psycho.
Insanity is something some people are just born with and other just develop over time but all these different characteristics and actions that the narrator in The Telltale heart by Edgar Allen Poe prove the statement that that he is undoubtedly insane and crazy. First off he is delusional in the sense that he is always trying to convince the readers that he is not mad, and he also hears voices in his head. He is cocky in the sense that he thinks he performed the perfect murder and he lets the police in and search the house and then lets them sit on the spot of murder, and finally his action prove he is insane.

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