Essay on INS Shivaji Indian Navy- Training the Future

Essay on INS Shivaji Indian Navy- Training the Future

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The Indian Navy is today a potent and capable force which is highly regarded for its professional competence. The full range of operations in which a nation’s naval forces may be involved is vast, ranging from high intensity war fighting at one end to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations at the other end. This broad continuum of operations can be broken down into distinct roles, each demanding a specific approach to the conduct of operations.
Accordingly, the four major roles foreseen for the Indian Navy are as follows: -
• Military
• Diplomatic
• Constabulary
• Benign

INS Shivaji
INS Shivaji, the premier technical training establishment of the Indian Navy, can perhaps be termed as the ‘highest Ship” in the World. Nestled amongst the picturesque hills of the Sahyadri ranges in the Western Ghats at a height of 620 meters, this well-equipped Naval Establishment can boast of state of the art training technology and infrastructure to take on the onerous task of training Technical Officers and Sailors of the Indian Navy. These are the men, who make warships at Sea float and sail, and ensure through quality maintenance, that the fighting potential of the Indian Navy always remains at its peak.
INS Shivaji had its humble origin as replacement for the ‘Stokers Training School’ at HMIS Dalhousie, in Naval Dockyard (Bombay). As told by the current officer in charge, Captain Raviraj Sing...

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...contained engines and other parts of ships which were used during the wars in the past by our nation. Looking at engines 10-20 times the car engine is a feast to the eyes.

It was a great experience to visit INS Shivaji. I learnt a lot about the Indian Navy and the working of a ship. The hands on experience with the simulator, according to me was the best thing. The officers were helping and were happily clearing our doubts. They were organized and very serious about their jobs. It was an inspiration for me to see the dedication and hard work done in the officials’ towards their work and their nation.

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