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Input Output Storage Paper

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Input/ Output Storage Paper

Accuracy of data input is important. It is important to know, not so much where the data comes from or how it is processed but whether the results are useful and valuable. There are many different applications to consider when deciding which method is best for data input and output devices. Not only is the input important but the quality of output is very important. Feedback on the output creates the ability to go back and correct any errors that may have been made during the initial input of data.
The first item to address is the best data input for each of the following: printed questionnaires, telephone survey, bank checks, retail tags, and long documents.
To capture data from printed questionnaires it is best by keying in the data using a computer keyboard. Another possible method would be to scan the questionnaires but you would still need to have some software program that would be able to interpret the data which might not be very accurate. The best method for a telephone survey, since we all receive these types of calls is by having the caller press different keys on the phone for an answer. For example when we call to find out information at our local bank it will ask if you want the phone call in Spanish press the number 1 key on your phone. Technology with telephone surveys has advanced over the past few years, now you don't even have to press a button but rather say yes or no to specific questions, the computer on the other end will decipher the information and you answer if it is correct. The negative side of this is that when you want to speak to a person the survey may not allow you to do this or the survey will take you around a series of questions before transferring you to a person.
The best method for bank checks is by scanning them. Most banks are setup with a system called MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) a magnetic scanning input device. This system reads the numbers at the bottom of the checks and will mechanically make modifications to the correct accounts. Consideration needs to be taken that the items are being scanned so the possibility for error still is possible. The best method for retail tags is a bar code scanner.

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This can be done by either a handheld scanner or at a register inside a store. Using this system you will be able to track inventory as the items are sold. The only downfall is when the items are incorrectly entered into the system which reads the barcode. The best method for long documents is to scan them into a system. Although you might not be able to change the data, the need for having to type all the information in manually is saved.
Second is the best output method for each of the following: hand held computer, color photograph, resume, memorandum, statistical report, and company annual report.
The best method for a hand held computer is an accessible printer that the hand held computer can be linked up to or a portable printer. The best method for a color photograph, is a photo printer. They now sell photo printers that can hookup directly to your camera and print out photos as soon as you take them rather than having to take the photos to get developed.
The best method for a resume is a printer. A laser printer is probably best because it delivers the fastest print and the best quality. The best method for a memorandum would also be a laser printer, it delivers the fastest print and best quality, although quality might not be important with a memo speed is always a necessity. Most companies today are utilizing email as a way to communicate memos.
For a statistical report it is best to have a software program that would allow you to decipher the information and print what is needed at that specific moment. Again a laser printer is best. The best method for a company annual report is also a laser printer, with the utmost quality. Since this document will be seen by investors or company stakeholders it is important to present the best quality graphs, pictures and financial information on the best quality print possible.
Third is the best situation for storage devices such as hard disk, floppy disk, RAM, CD ROM, and a tape. A hard disk is great for capturing data that needs to be kept and used quite often. It is best not to use a hard disk for data that will not be used often as this data will just take up valuable space. A floppy disk is best for data that needs to be portable and is only used when needed. Such as when we have to give presentations here at UOP. RAM is best for data that needs to be used immediately and needs to be retrieved repeatedly. A CD ROM is best used for data that will be used occasionally, and that needs to be kept. For example when you purchase a computer they give you CD ROM's for installation purposes and backup. Just in case you lose your data on your hard drive, data stored on the CD ROM can be restored to the new hard drive.
Tape is really no longer used, because it is very slow although it can be used as a source to store data as well.
Lastly I will explain the role of the following as they pertain to the speed of a computer RAM, clock speed, data on hard disk, data on CD ROM , and data on a floppy disk.
RAM is best known form of computer memory it determines how much data can be stored for immediate access rather than stored on some other storage device that may take longer to retrieve. Clock speed controls how fast data is moved though the computer via chips and data paths, or buses, between them. All busses in a computer run at a certain clock frequency, and all components on that bus must be designed to run correctly at that frequency.
Determining the speed of a computer while accessing data stored on the hard disk, CD ROM and a floppy disk. The fastest and quickest access is with RAM, followed by hard disk data and CD ROM data, and last data stored on a floppy disk.
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