Innovative Technologies that Produce Autonomous Control Essay examples

Innovative Technologies that Produce Autonomous Control Essay examples

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Autonomous Control – Research Project

Autonomous control is taking the world by storm by providing a whole new outlook on not just our industry but our society as well. Autonomous control is essentially a self-controlling machine programmed with a set of instructions that allow the machine to operate in a certain environment centred on its surroundings. The program that’s installed on the machine evaluates its surroundings using various built-in sensors and based on this observation makes its decision on how and where the autonomously controlled machine moves. This type of technology is invaluable in the workplace as the possibilities and applications of such machines are endless.

The word ‘autonomous’ means independent and self-directed, which indicates that the machine/device makes its own decisions. Taking this into account, autonomously controlled machines can operate without the necessity of human interference. This in itself, is already a great leap forward in man’s technological development as we have successfully made machines that can accomplish tasks that are repetitive or hazardous (for us humans), without the need for our intervention.

Already, countless multimillion dollar corporations have intertwined autonomous control into every day production as it is efficient and requires little to no human interaction. This has essentially allowed many factories to become automated, increasing precision and decreasing labour, as the machines are not bound by the limits of mankind. They do not eat, they do not sleep, and they are not influenced by the constant risk of human error effectively doubling production.

There are many new innovative technologies produced with autonomous control and of all, 3 are making the biggest ...

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...nt rates would skyrocket as we have already noticed, in various mining companies. To touch on an example Rio Tinto invested 28 million dollars into autonomous control, as it more than doubles its yearly output. This stripped over 500 people of their jobs and this was only from a few sites. More are to follow and it’s not just Rio Tinto who’s investing.
Plus the overwhelming increase of autonomous technologies (in not just mining), when replacing manpower would greatly escalate the carbon emissions produce, hence increase our carbon footprint.
So to conclude, Autonomous Control would provide us with a safer and far more efficient society and in the long run would greatly boost our economy, though our society would be negatively affected by a rise in unemployment and the escalation of our carbon footprint brought upon by the boom of autonomous technology in industry.

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