Innovative Health Communication : The National Institute Of Mental Health

Innovative Health Communication : The National Institute Of Mental Health

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Innovative Health Communication
The National Institute of Mental Health acknowledges that nearly thirteen- million American adults suffer from a serious debilitating mental illness (, 2015). As a most common cause of disability, mental disorders not only alter one’s thinking, mood, or behavior, but it can also manifest many physical and chronic problems, as it may affect a person’s ability to adopt healthy-behaviors (, 2015). Suicide deaths in the United States account for approximately 30,000 American lives each year ( 2015). One of the goals in current health care reform is noted by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion to: “Improve mental health through prevention and by ensuring access to appropriate, quality mental health services” (, 2015). Prevention, recovery, and support efforts have taken to innovative health communication via the internet, using social media tools to expand their reach to all levels of society (Abt Associates, 2014). One such leader in these efforts is the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
As a leader and national award winner in Integrated Digital Campaigns, SAMHSA has leveraged social media to promote a nationwide campaign to educate Americans mental health services and substance use treatment can transform millions of lives through recovery (National Recovery Month, 2015). In its 26th year, National Recovery Month is a national observance, held every September, made up of 200 federal, state, and local government entities, including non-profit organizations, and others associated with the prevention, treatment, ...

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.... SAMHSA is demonstrating how prevention, recovery, and support efforts, can be integrated with educating Americans on mental-health issues, and providing vital resources and programs available to all throughout the U.S., by using digital technology. SAMHSA has embraced digital technology and expanded their reach and effectiveness through the use of mobile apps for health-care providers to patients, and parents to educators, to address particular and serious mental health issues, such as suicide and bullying for youth. Overall, the SAMHSA website has been a good example of how the consumer is changing their behavior and spending more time on the internet, and how health communication can follow new consumer trends in innovative ways to provide health information which is more personalized and interactive through various social media platforms, and digital devices.

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