Innovation Vs. Donation. Essay

Innovation Vs. Donation. Essay

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Innovation vs. Donation
Imagine a society where people push themselves to the fullest and have the courage to overcome the “income gap” by taking the initiative to go the extra mile through education and starting their own businesses rather than hit the streets in protest, abandoning their jobs, demanding a minimum wage of 15 dollars. On the surface, pushing the minimum wage up from $7.25 seems the obvious solution, but is a mere Band-Aid on a deep wound. Creating more job opportunities, expanding business productivity, and most importantly, increasing the education and the skill level of workers will end poverty and boost prosperity. If society desires to improve the lives of poor people, Americans have opportunities to make some beneficial changes to reduce poverty.
Bargaining wages are between the employer and the employee, not the government’s responsibility. Negotiation of wages is part of the interview process and the job seeker is free to walk away if the company offers an insufficient salary. According to the economics teacher D. W. Mackenzie (Authority), if people want to make more money, gaining desirable skills and pursuing advanced education is essential to secure job positions, especially in the current sluggish economy (“Minimum Wage”). Presently, companies claim Americans lack the talent needed for the job. Increasing wages without merit rewards the lackadaisical and the teenager living at home since both feel satisfied with making more money from a mandated raise negating the need to increase productivity at the job or enroll in college. Forcing employers to pay unskilled workers more takes the employee’s incentive away to earn money by working harder and discourages the mutual exchange of value for va...

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... the minimum wage is a kindergarten approach to solving the problem of impoverished workers in America. Problems have solutions; crises have domino effects that in the minimum wage dilemma will lead to a downward spiral from business closures, following with joblessness, to a collapsing economy. Unwieldy government sanctions are a daunting tactic to aid the
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poor. Banning society together is the key to living in financial freedom by implementing training programs for education rather than throwing money at the problem by increasing wages. Imagine that the Ivory Tower exists and is accessible if Americans climb the ladder together through knowledge. Failure by increasing the minimum wage is not an option or the tower will come toppling down. Then, all the president’s Mercedes and all the president’s men will not be able to put the economy back together again.

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