Essay Innovation Of Virtual Working Space Through Social Networking

Essay Innovation Of Virtual Working Space Through Social Networking

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Innovation of virtual working space through social networking
Instead of one simple reaction icon "like", recently, Facebook has launched one of the most controversial features: six other icons including "love, heart, happy, surprise, angry and cry". This allows Facebook users to share diverse reactions on what they see and feel. It is also an endless source of insights for writers, marketers, and consumer analysts to observe and analyze social trends. However, Facebook is just an example. We are now in the era when social networking changes day to day, affects deeply to almost every aspect of the way we think and live. That is why it is essential to predict these changes in the future in order to easily adapt and manage. In the next five year, one of the changes that I can foresee is the shifting from ordinary professional platforms like working offices, online working software applications or working portfolio to social networking for a better way of tracking, communicating and self-promoting.
According to a statistic website about the social network, there are more than one billion and seventy users worldwide for all network sites. Over the last 8 year, social networking has continued to flourish. Like the coin always has two sides, this trend comes in both terms of advantage and disadvantages. Some companies and organizations now have their policies and communication guidelines to avoid employees being distracted or having any circumstances of unnecessary social conflict. However, we can exploit from these negative effects by creating a working social network site. It can be linked to other prevailing sites such as Facebook or Twitter…and the idea behind is to establish an interface that allows people to check and track on bot...

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...mple for this would be Twitter. If you do not fill out all of your profile such as pictures, contacts or biography, you may lose chances to attract more followers and therefore, you are being considered as a not-socialized person. Another example would be Linkedin, where recruiters will look up into your profile before deciding whether they should hire you or not. As a result, in the future, with more advanced technology and online features, social networking will be the best place for people to promote themselves professionally or on the other hand, easier to recruit talents for their companies.
Never has anytime when we can witness the huge impact from information and technology advances, especially social networking to our life. By nurturing and fostering an effective channel like social networking, I am getting more hope for a better future for us, human being.

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