Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Apple Essay

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Apple Essay

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Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Apple. Those are the words people among our society think when they hear of Steve Jobs. Whether it is in the Apple Stores or within our surroundings. People believe that the technology of our current time has evolved throughout the 21st century. Steve Jobs reinvented the technology industry by creating revolutionary devices that changed people 's ' lives.
On February 24, 1955, a baby boy was born in San Francisco, California to two Wisconsin college students, Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali. Being college students, they decide to give up their baby since they could not financially support him. In the Steve Jobs biography by Saddleback Educational Publishing it states "The biological parents were two college students who could not raise the boy. The birth mother decided to place him for adoption." (Saddleback 2). Joanne and Abdulfattah will sign the adoption papers only if the adopted parents promised to send their son to college. The baby boy was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs, a modest San Francisco couple who had been waiting for a chance to adopt.
Being a machinist Paul taught young Steve about electronics, which he grew a passion for. While in school Steve spent most of his time pulling pranks rather than studying. “Jobs was a prankster in elementary school, and his fourth grade teacher needed to bribe him to study.” ( While attending high school, Steve had the opportunity to meet Californian college student Steve Woznak. Wozniak also shared a passion for electronics, therefore both became great friends. After graduating from high school, Steve struggles to find meaning in his life, so he dropped out of college and joined the Homebrew Computer Club. In the computer club...

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...the world that it 's actually possible to browse the internet on our phones with ease and showed the way for apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and many more, thanks to the App Store. Unlike other touch devices before it, the iPhone was thin and sleek, It had consumer appeal. The iPhone generated growth in the the smartphone market and created an app economy along with new industries, changing the face of gaming, social communications, location-based services and photography as well as advertising and commerce.
In conclusion, thanks to Steve Jobs we now have many life changing devices that allows us to perform our daily life activities. Apple has forever changed the technology industry. With his innovative technologies he helped create, there is no one who has had a similar vision as Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs left this world leaving a mark, Apple.

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