The Inner Workings Of A Car And Understanding The World Essay

The Inner Workings Of A Car And Understanding The World Essay

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One needs to understand how a computer works so that one can have a better experience with computers. Understanding the processes that a computer executes can change the way one uses the computer and other interactions with similar technologies. Due to the increasing need of computers in modern society one is more likely to encounter computers which makes basic knowledge of computers essential to interacting with and understanding the world. The sole purpose of the automobile is transportation and understanding how it works can only be applied to a certain amount of interests that many people never get involved in. In addition, the comparison between understanding the inner workings of a car and understanding how a computer works does not hold any merit. Computers and cars are two vastly different technologies that serve vastly different purposes and one of the few accurate comparisons that can be made is that they are required in today 's society and are in constant use.

Computers are required for daily life but there are not many people that understand how and why they work. Modern computers are capable of performing multiple tasks and understanding how some of these tasks are completed can easily be transferred into daily life. For example, having knowledge of some form of programming will likely give those seeking employment a leg up on the competition especially in an office setting. Understanding the basics of a computer becomes paramount as more information is being shared and concerns over privacy are increasing. Knowledge of the basics can enhance one 's reasoning and thinking capabilities which in turn increases performance and ability with other technologies. One who does not understand the basics of computers can easi...

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...tent. If there was a base standard for computer literacy then it may be possible that the amount of personal and public data that is stolen can be greatly reduced. it is unacceptable to not have a basic understanding of computers in modern society and it is foolish to keep introducing more technology if only a select few can understand the current technology. Having basic knowledge of computers can also enhance one 's experience by introducing basic coding and programming that will enhance one 's basic reasoning which transfers into enhanced academic performance as well. Instead of being told what to do and how to do something whenever there is the slightest error one will be able to diagnose and remedy it. Computers have replaced older technologies and have invaded every aspect of life; computer literacy is a necessacity and can longer be avoided in the modern world.

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