Essay about The Inner Struggles Of The School System

Essay about The Inner Struggles Of The School System

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The movie, Monsieur Lazhar ,is a great movie about the inner struggles of the school system and the effect it can have on the children. It takes place in Canada in a structured system with a structured curriculum and rules. You can see this through the movie when Lazhar, a refugee who has had no teaching experiences, tries his best to follow it. He arranges his desk straight in a row and is very straightforward with his teaching. This gets pointed out when one of his students states a different way of learning grammar. In the school system, you can tell the structure by the rules that teachers are not allowed to touch or even hug the students.Considering the account of the teacher who hugged her student that later accused her of trying to kiss him. When she passed away through suicide, the structure of the school is well announced when the school offers a psychologist to come in to the class for a certain amount of time. However, when Lazhar tries to participate he gets denied because she thinks that pedagogy and psychiatry should be separated. Even though later in the movie it is revealed that pedagogy is what finally helped the kids from the classroom move on. Lastly, the school system is revealed when Simon gets in trouble for pushing one of the kids at a dance. They know he needs help since he was caring a picture of his dead teacher. However, the school system requires punishment despite what is going on with Simon. This shows a struggle in the school system between being able to attend to children 's needs individually and being forced to follow the rules.
The biggest struggle everyone faces in the movie is the death of the teacher and the structure of their education system. Since the death, the school has been trying to r...

... middle of paper ...

... to the web the whole school system was in a no talking zone.
The most surprising element in the movie about the school system i show easily things get passed down he rug. How they don 't provide enough help for students to grow. I was just as shocked as Lazhar when I found out that they were in the same classroom as where their teacher committed suicide. But it Works like that because there is not enough rooms and resources that they are forced to brush it up and continue like it didn 't happen. Looking at a micro perspective you can see how the rules of the macro perspective effect the individuals. In the big education system rules set in place may seem to be for the better, however, in individual cases you can see the effect and drawbacks it has on particular students like Simon. If they wanted to they could have suspended him and thrown him off to another group.

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