Inner City Minority Public School Essay

Inner City Minority Public School Essay

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White Suburb Public School vs. Inner City Minority Public School
The sociological imagination is when you take your experiences and see them as a whole. This allows you to look through a different point of view through others experiences. C Wright Mills defined sociological imagination as, “the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society” (Mills 2002:3). Sociological Imagination is the ability to watch a group and see what they do socially, watching their interactions, and seeing their influence on each other. This can influence their perspectives on life and how they see things sociologically.
I lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for most of my life, from when I was born until I was a freshman in high school. I grew up in a small, mainly white, suburban town and went to the local public school. Growing up my family did not have that much money, so on the economy spectrum, my family was at the lower end of the middle class. I lived in a small house, but to the left of my house, there were upper-class houses. To the right down the street from my house, there also was a trailer park further down the road. The type of economic backgrounds in my school did vary, but the one thing that did stay the same was the race. It was mainly white and were less than ten minority children in my grade. The education I received in the elementary school system was what I felt was normal, learning how to read in first grade and learning my time 's tables in third-grade. In middle school, I moved an hour away from the place I grew up in a town called Donora, Pennsylvania, where I went from being the majority to the minority. In the middle school that I attended, I was one of twenty Caucasian students. This was definit...

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... observed, no children’s work is shown anywhere, and there are no decorations what so ever except for a poster that has a list of rules. The academics of the school is what is the main difference between the two schools I have observed. The grade I am responsible for is third-grade and working with them has expanded my perspective and let me see a different side of the education system. At least four out of the twelve children I had, were unable to read at all, and the rest of the children had a hard time processing the material. They do not know their multiplication tables, and sometimes do not even know the difference between addition and subtraction. Only two out of the twelve children I had were actually on the third grade level. Listening to the children, I found out most of their families consist of single mothers that are young and work at least two jobs.

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