Innate Behaviors in Animals Essays

Innate Behaviors in Animals Essays

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Ever wonder how animals know so much? It’s simple. It’s all according to how they act and what they know. When an animal is born it has instincts. These instincts help the creature survive and cause them to behave certain ways. This is called Innate behaviors. Although, some things animals have been taught. Unlike Innate behaviors whereas it comes from the genes, other behaviors have to be learned. They are called Learned behaviors. Together, Innate and Learned behaviors can prove that animals are smarter then most people think.
To begin with, it is an innate behavior when an animal has the instinct to know when to mate and to which species. This is known as a Courtship behavior. For example, I own a fish and a snail which live in the same tank. During the mating time, they both know not to mate with each other. They won’t mate because they aren’t the same species. When they find their correct mate, they may use dances, songs, colorful displays, or pheromones to attack their mate. Usually birds do a dance or song while peacocks show the colorful displays of their feathers. This r...

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