The Innate Behavior Of Communication Essay

The Innate Behavior Of Communication Essay

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The innate behavior of communication is unique when referring to human beings. According to Robert M. Krauss, “A species ' survival depends critically upon its ability to communicate effectively, and the quality of its social life is determined in large measure by how and what it can communicate,” (Krauss, 2002). The variability and flexibility of language and its medium dictate how the message’s subliminal meaning and quality will be received. Language allows human communication to be transcribed onto many diverse platforms. Krauss stated, “All communication systems, regardless of how simple or complicated they may be, operate on the same principle: Signals transmit messages from a source to a destination,” (Krauss, 2002). It is society, however, that give the messages meaning and human nature of interpreting them. With society’s unspoken rules and the instinctive need for communication, humans dictate and assign specific roles for each communication platform. A written letter, public social media message, private e-mail or phone call are all conversations on different communication platforms, but each one of them carries a different type of societal connotation.
Writing hand-written letters is a dying platform of communication. The letter that I hand wrote for this assignment was to my grandma. It included a “thank you” for her donation to my sorority’s philanthropic event, explanation of how much money we raised at the philanthropy show, who won Big Man On Campus, questions of how she is, and a statement of how much I missed and loved her. While writing the letter, I felt very “old-fashioned”. In today’s society, not many people take the time to sit down and write a handwritten letter with pen and paper. Handwritten letters r...

... middle of paper ...

...iency. Krauss asserts, “It is through the versatility of language that communication is possible within the constraints of society,” (Krauss, 2002, p 11). Whatever the medium, communication is essential to survival will always be dictated by society through the structure of language and behavior.
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