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The Inn in the Fall Essay

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The Inn in the Fall
As visitors approach one of the most beautiful inns in North Carolina they will be serenaded by the rhythmic thumping of the tires as they cross each cobblestone. The inn is like a massive wall of rocks that looks to be touching the blue sky. The red tile roof looks like a red cloud sitting atop this castle of rocks. These rocks were placed over one hundred years ago and still stand in their exact spot. From the parking area you can almost imagine the horse drawn wagons that had worked so hard to pull these massive boulders up to this very spot. You can see all the hard work that had went into clearing this mountain side for the inn to begin construction in the year 1912. If you listen very close you can just hear its history calling out to you.
Walking across the stone parking area at this time of year, if you are graced with the wind blowing you can hear the dry leaves rustle as they are blown across the stones, it is like they are making their own special music for each visitor. Entering through the lower level of the Vanderbilt Wing you will stroll a few feet down a small hallway into an opening were they have one of the several gingerbread house exhibits. Every detail will be exquisite, to the three foot white picketed fence that surrounds the exhibit, to keep curious fingers and hands away, to the pure white linen tablecloths that enhances each table underneath each little gingerbread house. It is almost like each house is sitting on a blanket of snow. Look at the detail of each little house you can almost smell the gingerbread scent in the air. You can almost taste the gumdrops and icing that decorate some of these houses.
Get lost as you make your way to the next exhibit of gingerbread houses. ...

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...rove Park Inn it is spectacular, it is warm and inviting. It beckons for you to come learn its history, walk on the same stones that some of the greats of our country have walked. As you walk out the doors leaving this majestic inn turn and take one last look. Above the north end fire place of The Great Hall the inscription in the stone reads “Take from this hearth its warmth. From this room its charm. From this Inn its amity. Return them not- But return” (anonymous). That says it all and return you should, to North Carolina’s little piece of Heaven here on earth.

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