The Injustice Of Race And Gender Classification Essay

The Injustice Of Race And Gender Classification Essay

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The Injustice of Race and Gender Classification
Some believe that the world we live in is free of problems. That the world has no divides, and there is no longer segregation between races or genders. They ignore the modern reality of separation between races and genders. Race and gender are part of a person’s social identity, and we use them everyday to define others. Using race and gender as classification in society is wrong.
The book Difference Matters by Brenda J. Allen gives insight to how labels are formed from gender. Chapter three, Gender Matters, demonstrates how females are categorized differently compared to males in society. Allen states that, “sex is a biological classification,” and that “gender refers to cultural norms or femininity and masculinity (p. 42).” Males are stereotyped to have jobs in the science or engineering field, and females are stereotyped to have jobs as teachers and nurses. Many who go against these norms face discrimination and are considered outcasts. An example of this situation would be a male nurse. A male nurse would face discrimination due to the cultural norms of a man, such as being tough, athletic, and strong. Nurses on the other hand are considered to be caring and nurturing. Therefore, a male nurse conflicts the cultural norms of society. Defining a man by his job is something that shouldn’t occur in the social atmosphere. Men and women should be able to work in whatever field they want. They should not have to worry about facing discrimination based on the career they chose. In the same token, a female who defines herself as a male is seen as wrong in society. Transgender, as they are labeled, is an area of gender many believe should not exist. Those who associate with the transgende...

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...d be treated the same, and individuals should not be chained to the color of their skin or the path of their ancestors.
Race and gender are both used to define people based on looks, and both are used to divide society. Neither race nor gender define who a person is or who they should be. Social norms cause people to develop an image of how the world should be or should look, but in reality there are no absolute social norms. They will be broken, stretched, and ultimately, they will change. Defining a person based on what society thinks they should be is wrong. Stacking races against each other in a battle of superiority is not the way the world should work. Favoring one gender over the other, ultimately does no good at the end of the day. These divides we have created in society do nothing in constructing a better world. So why should we have these barriers at all?

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