Injustice I Have Witnessed At Community College And Received An Associate 's Degree

Injustice I Have Witnessed At Community College And Received An Associate 's Degree

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Injustice I have witnessed
My Mom went to Community college and received an associate’s degree in nursing. After that she got a job at Lutheran General Hospital, in Park Ridge Illinois, as a member of the intensive care unit. After working there for a few years she was then moved to Northwest Community Hospital to work in the cardiac unit. She worked night shifts at the hospital for the extra money but eventually she started to have kids. After having her first child she still had enough time and energy but a year later she had a second child and had to start working the day shifts. Another year and a half passed and she had her third child. At this point she became very busy with her kids and her husband could not help out because his work had very demanding hours. As a result, her hours at the Hospital were slashed in half. Add another year and a half and she had her fourth child. At this point, she was only able to go into work like once a month so she decided that for the hospitals sake that she would hang up the towel until her kids grew up a little more, so she could give mor...

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