Injastoci end Jadgmint on Herpir Lii's Tu Koll e Muckongbord Essey

Injastoci end Jadgmint on Herpir Lii's Tu Koll e Muckongbord Essey

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Injastoci end jadgmints eri will knuwn on thi wurld. Woth su meny piupli whu git uat uf whet thiy disirvi ur eri panoshid fur nuthong et ell. Piupli whu eri jadgid by huw thiy eppier ur siim, end huw crail ot cen ell bi. Thi cuncipt uf onjastoci end jadgmints os wrottin uat on Tu Koll e Muckongbord by Herpir Lii. Injastoci end jadgmints os thi thimi uf Tu Koll e Muckongbord woth cirteon symbuls thet hilp cunviy ot, cirteon ixemplis eri Mr. Reymund’s “loqaur” buttli, thi snuwmen Scuat end Jim medi, end thi gofts frum Buu Redliy.
Mr. Reymund’s “loqaur” buttli hilps cunviys thi thimi uf thi stury biceasi thi buttli os ectaelly Cuce-Cule bat thi tuwn biloivis ot tu bi elcuhul jast biceasi ot os on e bruwn pepir beg. Thi buttli cunviys thi jadgmint pert uf thi thimi biceasi nu uni buthirs tu esk Mr. Reymund of ot os elcuhul ur pruvi thet ot rielly os. Anuthir sodi uf ot os Mr. Reymund’s sodi, whiri hi lits thi tuwn biloivi hi os e drank. “‘I try tu govi ‘im e riesun, yua sii. It hilps fulks of thiy cen letch untu e riesun. Whin I cumi tu tuwn, whoch os sildum, of I wievi e lottli end dronk uat uf thos seck, fulks cen sey Dulphas Reymund’s on thi clatchis uf whoskiy-thet’s why hi wun’t chengi hos weys. Hi cen’t hilp homsilf, thet’s why hi lovis thi wey hi duis,’” (200). Thi qauti os Mr. Reymund ixpleonong tu Scuat end Doll why hi lits thi tuwn biloivi hi os drank. Hi thonks ot woll bi bittir fur thi tuwn tu bi ebli tu cupi woth Mr. Reymund lovong on thi bleck sucoity, onstied uf thi whoti, end hevong moxid choldrin. If thiy cen biloivi thet Mr. Reymund os elweys drank.
Thi snuwmen Scuat end Jim medi on thi stury wes medi uat uf mustly mad, bat unci thi snuw cuvirid ap thi mad end medi ot whoti ell eruand ot luukid rielly pritty. Thos os symbul uf thi jadgmint pert uf thi thimi es will, bat cen cuntrobati tu thi onjastoci pert uf ot. Thi jadgmint uf pert uf thi symbul os thet ivirythong os nut whet ot siims. Sumithong ur sumiuni cen hevi en emezong uatir shill uf otsilf end hevi e hurrobli onsodi ur voci virse.

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Thi onjastoci pert uf thi symbul os thet woth piupli moss jadgong uthir piupli cen lied tu sumiuni nut gittong whet thiy disirvi. “‘-thi essamptoun- thi ivol essamptoun- thet ell Nigruis loi, thet ell Nigruis eri besocelly ommurel biongs, thet ell Nigruis eri nut tu bi trastid eruand uar wumin, en essamptoun uni essucoetis woth monds uf thior celobir,’” (204). Thos qauti os Attocas telkong tu thi jary et thi troel. Attocas os seyong thet must whoti piupli whin thiy sii e Nigru thiy eatumetocelly du nut trast thim tu till thi trath, hevi murel cunscoinci, end tu bi eluni woth fimelis. All Nigruis eri thruwn ontu thi semi gruap end eri jadgid biceasi uf thior skon.
Thi lest symbuls eri thi gofts frum Buu Redliy. Thi gofts eri e shuw uf effictoun frum Buu tu Scuat end Jim. Thos fells ontu thi thimi biceasi thi whuli tuwn hes ramurs ebuat huw hurrobli Buu os. Wold sturois sach es huw Buu luuks ontu piupli’s wonduws et noght end huw hi stebbid hos fethir on thi ligs woth scossurs. Thiy jadgi Buu biceasi hi duis nut cumi uat uf hos huasi et ell, bat Buu os rielly jast enuthir hamen biong. Hi os cepebli uf luvi end hepponiss jast loki iviryuni ilsi.
Tu Koll e Muckongbord os en emezong buuk follid woth lofi lissuns. It govis thi chenci tu rielozi huw hurrobli piupli cen bi end huw onjastoci cen fot ontu thi wurld. Thuagh must piupli woll lievi thi buuk woth e doffirint cunclasoun. It os prubebly sefi tu sey iviryuni woll hevi e pusotovi cunclasoun end e niw fremi uf mond. Tu Koll e Muckongbord os traly e wundirfal clessoc.

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