Essay on Injust and Inhumane Transgender Discrimination

Essay on Injust and Inhumane Transgender Discrimination

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Transgender people are no strangers to society: the concept of not feeling comfortable in one's birth-assigned gender has been around since man can remember. It's quite puzzling to see that many centuries later, people still treat transgender people of an alien-like nature, of some sort of non-human species. Transgender people have been discriminated for long enough. The discrimination sent towards them is wrong: they're just humans who made changes to their lives for the better as all people have. Transgender people are regular people who do not deserve the amount of discrimination directed towards them as they get right now.
“Transgender” is an umbrella term that includes gender non-conforming people, transsexuals (female-to-male and male-to-female), drag queens and kings, cross dressers, bi-gender people, and genderqueers/genderfluid people. All of those terms deal with gender identity and not conforming to society's gender norms. Of course, some transgender people believe they were always the gender they chose/choose to be, so the use of female-to-male and male-to-female can be seen as transphobic to such people. The pronouns that transgender people use may vary. One transgender woman may prefer to be called a she, instead of pronouns relating to their birth-assigned gender- a he. The same goes with transgender men, and bi-gender people have the choice to be called by both gender-norm pronouns or one or the other. The pronouns that transgender people use is at their own discresion (Beemyn 1-2). Transgender people, in general, DO NOT appreciate being called trannies gender benders, she-males, 'it's, or anything besides the pronouns they have confirmed as the ones they prefer. Neglecting the needs of regular people is bad eno...

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