Injury can result from violence Essay

Injury can result from violence Essay

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Injury can result form violence

Injury Can Result from Violence
Injury can result from many different incidents. One specifically important incident resulting in injury is domestic violence. It is approximated statistically that 1.8 million to 3-4 million domestic violence cases occur each year, unfortunately, the number of cases that occur cannot be more accurate due to domestic violence usually occurring in the relative privacy of one’s home. (Kelly, 2003) As disturbing as these numbers may be, we need to acknowledge that domestic violence is not a new problem arising in American homes but what is new is that we are now more aware of how serious the issue of domestic violence is in today’s society. Today, domestic violence, in its broadest definition is being defined as verbal, emotional, threatening, or physical abuse among current or former intimate partners and includes any persons related by blood. (Robert, 2002) They may be living currently within the same household or have been in the past for it to be considered domestic. Domestic violence has no barriers. It affects any race, religion, culture, or socioeconomic status. In today’s world every nurse knowingly or not is most likely to encounter a situation involving domestic violence. (Nucero & O’Connor, 2002) Therefore, it is important that within this discussion that the following issues is to be identified: the seriousness of domestic violence and what factors contribute to domestic violence, what role the legal system must take on when domestic violence occurs, and lastly what a nurse and the medical world can do in identifying and assessing domestic violence.
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...ic violence, as we can see from the previous read information, results in injury. It is a very serious issue for the people within a violent home setting and with today’s legal system domestic violence cases are being taken extremely serious. It is important that we as nurses, if we feel someone is in a violent home setting, to identify these patients and assess as needed. By nurses identifying and assessing victims of violent acts we can help these people and contribute to decreasing the number of violent acts that occur. If a nurse or anyone knows or suspects that someone is being abused, we need to let that victim know there are alternative solutions, choices they can make, and that there is hope to solve the problem at hand. We should also let this victim know that without help, this problem may only get worse and could progress in frequency and severity.

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