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Infocomm Development Authority takes a unified approach that involves catalyzing demand and broadcasting early acceptance of analytics in key industry sectors, developing infocomm industry and manpower capabilities, framing the appropriate data policies, starting scalable and secure data exchange platforms and mounting "data centers" that will deliver advanced data services and applications. Together, these efforts will create an energetic Data & Analytics environment in Singapore and place Singapore tactically as an international Data & Analytics Center.
Local and foreign initiatives will be able to influence on Singapore's Data & Analytics abilities to apply analytics tactically, to guide business strategy and planning, as well as strategically, to enhance day-to-day business processes. Effective use of analytics will enable initiatives to remain swift and competitive in vibrant market environments, and to maximize productivity.
1) Developing Singapore's Data & Analytics abilities to place Singapore as an international Data & Analytics Center
IDA strives to grow Singapore into an international Data & Analytics Center by building up local industry and manpower skills to assist the Data & Analytics needs of enterprises and customers around the world.
Some of the initiatives under this thrust are:
Industry Development, to anchor principal Data & Analytics dealers and customers, and shape platforms to center regional demand in Singapore. These will be achieved through Catalyzing the development of advanced analytics and cloud computing products and services by anchoring Intellectual Property commercialization activities into Singapore and motivating regional business development out of Singapore by building market channels and devel...

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...amework (NICF). Moreover, IDA will cooperate with training providers to roll out Business Analytics and Cloud Computing programs for infocomm specialists aligned to NICF; and
Building Business Analytics and Cloud Computing talent for the industry, by cooperate with universities and polytechnics to roll out any specializations in Business Analytics and Cloud Computing in the method of diploma and undergraduate infocomm degree programs.
2) Drive sectorial economic competitiveness with advanced application of Data & Analytics
IDA adopted Data & Analytics as one of the key sectors of the economy to enhance the competiveness of these sectors. IDA will identify sectors where Data & Analytics will have the potential to deliver significant economic value, and work with key players and sectorial champions to increase the level and sophistication of Data & Analytics adoption.

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