The Inherent Inequality Within Spanish Society Essay

The Inherent Inequality Within Spanish Society Essay

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The inherent inequality within Spanish society was a primary reason for the dismantling of the Spanish Empire by the year 1898. With colonial powers becoming more problematic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines grew eager for their independence from Spain. The Empire was met with strong resistance by rebel fighters from each nation, influencing a greater event known as the Spanish American War. The unfair and often racist treatment of lower-class-mixed-race citizens under the Spanish Empire ignited many rebellions that separated not only Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, but the country of Spain as well.
Cuba was the one of the first few nations to struggle for their own independence from the Spanish Empire. Jose Marti, a leader of the Cuban Revolutionary Party who paved the way for Cuban rebels in their fight against local and international colonial rule. He would later die in battle, but is remembered as the Father, or Patron of Cuba. Due to primitive administration techniques established by Spain, only Spaniards could hold the highest political offices. This was followed by their descendants as intermediaries, and the mixed Spanish-natives (Revolutionaries) were stuck at the bottom. Colonial rule denied rights to the general population and made it a priority to secure riches to send back to Spain. There appears to be this racial divide between the Spaniards and Cubans as it seems that only pure blood Spaniards can hold any position of power. Being of mixed race, the Cubans were at an extreme disadvantage, having little-to-no rights as well as the inability to protest because it was a crime. Discontent was the mood of so many Spanish-Cuban natives and it resulted in a long, drawn-out fight for independence th...

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...political role in those nations, but not all Spaniards believe this to be the case. Some may believe that the Spanish Empire lost because it was in search of a new identity itself.
Overall, the inherent inequalities that rebel Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Filipinos faced were their lack of pure Spaniard blood. Even if a citizen of any one of these nations had the financial capacity to persuade Spain to make an exception to get into politics, it would be denied. Regardless of wealth and or social status, Spain and its outdated political rule and governance over other Spanish colonies was determined by blood. Once again, the unfair and often racist treatment of lower-class-mixed-race citizens under the Spanish Empire ignited many rebellions that separated not only Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, resulting in the failing of the Spanish Empire by the year 1898.

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