Essay Inhabitation: A Look at the Make It Right Foundation

Essay Inhabitation: A Look at the Make It Right Foundation

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The make it right foundation is a not for profit organization initiated by Brad Pitt, in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. This disaster swept across the lower continental United States bringing tremendous amounts of rain water and oceanic water carried by the strong winds, to further the crisis the main levee gates that were meant to prevent New Orleans from flooding failed. It was these levee failures that compounded the issues and gave raise to days of flooded neighborhoods, inoperative utilities, and a stoppage of transportation. The days that followed were filled with intense heat, high humidity and a lack of aid to bring food and shelter. A Death toll of over 1500 people stands as the cost to this disaster’s New Orleans price tag. (Hurricane Katrina) This article will look at the process and motives of the Make It Right foundation in its quest to bring back the dispersed inhabitants to the Lower 9th Ward. Further I hope to bring to you this research an architecture student’s perceptions of the viability of the structures that are being produced.

What Exactly is Make It Right?
The Make It Right foundation was founded in December 2006 nearly a year and a half after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. (Make It Right) This vibrant city, whose home to so much culture and music was ruined, still had not come far in its road to recovery and redevelopment. The Lower 9th Ward was one of the hardest hit areas, as well as one of the districts that had the highest home ownership rates in New Orleans at over 90% making it a choice pick for the site of Pitt’s grassroots initiative to rebuild and revitalize. (Clinton) When Pitt arrived on the scene many of the local citizens were apprehensive and in fear fo...

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