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Infosys Consulting Case Analysis

The market for IT industry was huge and expanding at a fast pace. However the market leaders were Accenture and IBM which had a negligent market share and rest was captured by small enterprises. Indian companies also ventured in the industry and due to their competition, IT multinational giants had to increase their base in India. Due to high opportunities, attrition rate was also high in this industry. As a result Indian companies like Wipro, Infosys increased their base level salaries. During this phase, Indian economy was transforming towards an era of information and knowledge. This can be seen from the fact that contribution of services towards the economy’s GDP was higher than 18% in 2001 as against in 1980. No other industry had done better standing against global competition. The annual exports had always been over 50% over a decade. U.S.A. share represents highest with 61% and about a third of Fortune 500 companies outsource their software work to India. To foster development, Indian government has taken a number of steps like liberalization of policies and providing necessary capital and infrastructure to foster growth. Thus Indian environment has been conducive for growth. (Ref: Indian Competitor analysis- The market for IT industry was fairly competitive with IBM and Accenture as global leaders and rest of the market was pretty diffused. IBM and Accenture had strong brand and a global presence with a large customer base. They also offered panoply of services viz. technology implementation, business consulting, offshore services, customer relationship management etc. Both offered breadth and depth of services. IT market in India offered technical and business consulting with Tata Consultancy Services which was the market leader in IT exports and Wipro Technologies and Infosys being other major market players. TCS offered consultancy services, IT services, asset based solution etc. Wipro was third largest IT provider with service offerings in IT consulting, software solutions, BPO etc. Both had a strong global presence. Intensity of Rivalry: Rivalry amongst competitors was pretty intense as can be seen the Indian competition caused IBM to increase their presence in India. However leaders like IBM and Accenture had a wide range of service offerings so competition was only amongst few sectors. Rivalry was to hire the top talent as human capital is the most important thing in the IT sector. This is the reason that attrition rate lead to a rise in pay packages.

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Strategy- Business Model: ICI delivered a 1-1-3 model. This provided ICI resource, an Infosys resource and 3 Offshore Infosys resources. This model had an advantage over competitors like IBM and Accenture who had no resources offshore. The model provided some salient advantages as follows: Shortening Life Cycle: The firm adopted a different approach toward analyzing the business. ICI studied the processes rather than the functional divisions. The horizontal approach identified the inefficiencies in a much better way. The organization of process was then ranked on a scale of 0 to 5. The onsite and offsite consultants worked on a 24 hour basis due to global time difference and as a result shortened life cycle to half the time as required by competitors. This was crucial for technological firms who raced for bringing new products into market. Cost Savings: The model was devised in such a way that it charged a blended price to the clients which was way below the market price charged by IBM, Accenture. The model would even take time to replicate as it needed competitors to build offshore units and take advantage of cost savings. ICI also decided to drop prices once the brand is established. This would further make competitors worse off and harder to sustain. Delivering Measurable Benefits: Internal analysis ICI functioned as an independent organization and was granted liberty to create its own culture. The team created a unique culture based on Infosys principles which represented open and transparent culture. The team wanted more people representing local tastes. Also unlike typical software companies nobody sat idle in ICI. They followed a database in which employee skill set was entered and project manager recruited the right employees suitable for their projects. Promotions were also done transparently with employees nominated the senior positions. People were also allowed to block some times during their working schedule. (Diagram taken from Competing for advantage by Hoskisson, Hitt and Ireland) Company resources: Capabilities: ICI had the capability to deliver business solutions and IT consulting by integrating with Infosys Technologies. ICI could leverage Infosys reach to target global markets. By delivering measurable benefits, it created a win-win situation for client as well as company. Core Competencies: The foremost core competency ICI has is the Global Delivery Model. This delivered measurable benefits saving time as well as costs. Also the competency was sustainable for at least 3-4 years as competitors would have to build an offshore capability and downsize present onshore resources. This is giving the company competitive advantage against competition. *Forging ahead (Updates)*: Analyzing Infosys Technologies Limited, the revenues have increased over the past year by almost 33% in spite of the current downturn in all sectors of economy. Net profits also rose by almost 26%. Dividend paid out had also increased by 66% over past year. During the year ended 2008, the company has invested an aggregate investment of $ 45 million in ICI. Infosys’ 5 year revenue and profit CAGR: Infosys also leads in Corporate Governance. The company has created Infosys foundation in state of Karnataka which operates in health care, social rehabilitation, rural uplift, education etc. The company has almost 100 Fortune 500 companies with 90% of repeat business. Though Infosys stock has plunged over some time, however we can reason that with current financial turmoil and recession. However analysts are positive of returns that the company would generate over long term perspective. (Ref: and, Conclusion and Recommendations: ICI has no doubt created a unique model for delivering business consulting solutions. The company is also creating value by leveraging its core competencies. The company delivers measurable benefits at a blended rate which is less than core competitors and also assures quality consulting. However in the era of competition, it is difficult to sustain any one competitive advantage. The company may be able to deliver much faster results by applying the Learning Curve rule. However the power of global leaders like IBM and Accenture should not be underestimated. They would replicate the model in matter of time. ICI should focus on creating brand value and goodwill as its parent company Infosys Technologies has created. Also as the industry is based on human capital, it should also keep a tab on attrition rate as an outflow of intelligence would lead to competitor’s benefit. (References: Stanford case by Anisha Capur, Business Outlook,,
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