Informed Consent and Abortion Essay

Informed Consent and Abortion Essay

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Ethical Issue Paper: Informed Consent & Abortion
Informed consent is an important matter in helping professions. It allows for the professional (doctor, therapist, teacher, etc.) to share pertinent information with a patient or client, and give them the opportunity to make educated decisions on behalf of their life and health. Its overall goal is to keep things in an open perspective for the client and let them see all sides, good and bad. In regards to abortion procedures, informed consent has become a debated issue. Be it in the form of educational requirements or parental consent for minors, ethics play a role in determining what the right steps are in this area.
The topic of abortion has been a controversial one for many years, and is continuously disputed in governmental proceedings. Policies related to abortion are presented and handled with care, because of the moral and ethical issues that often times surrounds the procedure. To gain a deeper understanding of the serious issue of abortion, it is important to know what abortion procedures consists of. Abortion is defined as “the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus. It can be classified in: spontaneous expulsion of a human fetus during the first 12 weeks of gestation, or an induced expulsion of a human fetus” (Abortion, n.d.). In most controversial cases of abortion it is usually an intentional termination, or induced abortion.
Induced abortions are usually performed because of an unwanted or unintended pregnancy. Some reasoning behind receiving an abortion could be a family that cannot care for a child financially, or stigma due to age of the woman expecting (i.e., teenage mothers). An induc...

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